Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Cabzilla?

Cabzilla is only a Smartphone Application that connects passengers who seek transportation services with independent drivers. Cabzilla is not a transportation company, do not own any vehicles, and do not employ any drivers.

2. Is the app free to download?

Yes. The app is completely free and you can click Cabzilla download.

3. Why should I use Cabzilla

  1. No Surge prices! No surprises!
  2. Limo Drivers and Taxi Drivers  are licensed and properly insured and regulated by Cities and the State. Your Safety is important!
  3. Pay Cash or with a Card.
  4. Book now or later!
  5. Good service deserves a gratitude and with Cabzilla you can Tip your driver.
  6. View your car on a map as it approaches.
  7. Call or text your driver.
  8. Track your bookings and much more.

4. I like Cabzilla. How can I help?

Please give a good tip to your driver, help spreading the words, referring your following friends to download Cabzilla app, like us in facebook, follow us in twitter and Google plus. Thanks for your help.